Why ?


In the future, loss of resources will be minimized by re-using products and raw materials for production of new goods. Used products are expertly disassembled, sorted and processed for high-quality reuse. New products are designed to simplify future reuse and recycling. Reprintable envisions a local network combined with material hubs to facilitate in this matter.


Using 3D printing & other digital production techniques to give used materials a second life. Reprintable aims for circularity and more self-sufficiency by making locally recycled materials the standard. Therefore, Reprintable works on a sustainable world in which products and resources are optimally used.

Circular Economy

Reprintable is committed to a circular economy. With 3D printing & digital production today's 'waste' forms a valuable source for the future. With new techniques, many of the stocked materials can be reused and recycled into special accessories and unique objects.


Closing the loop to keep Printing Life! 


Based on the Cradle to Cradle principle, Reprintable uses recycled resources and designs for optimal reuse in the future. To make this possible, Reprintable is working towards a lease / refund system. This will give you a part of the value when you return a product. See it as a deposit. This way the product and its resources remains worth value and we ensure that it is optimally reused in the future.